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Search Tips
For Parcel Number searches, use the up to 7-digit parcel number, with no leading zeros.
  • Since our parcel numbers are consecutive numbers these would not yield the same results: 6868, 687 or 68687.
For Name searches, enter in the first three letters of either the first or last name.
  • For best results, use the format of 'Last name, First name'
  • Entering just the name 'Ann' would list all first or last names that include 'Ann' such as Annette,Dianne or Cannon. Using more letters will narrow the search.
  • Entering a name, followed by a comma, the search would be for last name only.
For Address searches, enter at a minimum, the first three letters of the street name or the first three digits of the address.
  • For best results, format as '515' Smith St.'
  • Entering just '515' would result in all addresses containing the consecutive numbers '515' (i.e., 515, 5515, and 5153) would all be included in the search results.

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